November 15

Know How to Hem Pants By Hand


It's always helpful to know how to hem pants by hand. Hand sewing is truly a valuable skill and it is a skill that once learned is easily remembered. 

Another advantage to hand sewing is that a hand sewn him will be virtually invisible. This is a great option when you want a supple, clean finish to the garment.

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The first step will be to iron the item that you wish to hem. Make sure that you remove any bumps or creases so that the garment is completely flat. This will allow you to create an accurate hemline.

Have your husband put on the pair of pants and measure the hemline. Mark this point with either chalk or pins. A proper hem length will require that your husband wears whatever shoes he plans to wear to the golf and country club.

Grab a pair of sewing scissors and cut the fabric to a suitable distance just below the pin or chalk line. You will want to leave enough fabric for whatever hem depth you decide.

For example, let's say that you want a 3/4 inch hem. You then must leave a 3/4 inch piece of fabric under the hemline. You can turn up the hem as long as there is adequate fabric remaining. However, never leave too much fabric or the hem may look bulky.

For the majority of hems you will be able to do a single fold along the hemline.

Always put the wrong side to the wrong side. A fabric's wrong side is the inside of a garment which is the side that you do not see. The side that you do see is called the right side.

You are now ready to choose whatever stitch you decide upon. If you do not have a lot of time you can choose a whipstitch.

A whipstitch can be done quickly but it is the least durable of all hem stitches. The reason why it less durable is because the thread will be exposed. An exposed thread becomes easily frayed.

For more strength and elasticity you can use a catch stitch. This is a stitch that is nearly invisible but if you require a stitch for better invisibility then choose a slip stitch. If you require a stitch for strength then choose a fell stitch.

Whatever stitch you decide upon will be a personal choice but as you can see, knowing how to hem pants by hand can change a boring evening into one of dancing and fine cuisine.


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