One On One Training

Thank you for signing up for the training sessions. SHARE with all your friends as well! Remember the first one will be free, no obligations attached.

Also, we have a new forum that just launched for those with sewing questions. Joining the forum is absolutely free, and though it is new, soon you will see a lot of question and answers, many which I will answer personally. So look forward to hearing from you. Click below to check it out and sign up:

I did want to tell you I will be emailing you a few weeks prior to the lessons so you will have a time and date. Odds are since the first webinar is free, we will have limited slots available.  So as soon as you receive the email with the upcoming lessons, you would do well to sign up as soon as you get it!

NOTE!! Those that now continually attend the live webinars where I teach them how to sew will have access to our new members area we are working on. Here is a quick preview of the members area and what you get for being a member. There are two videos – for now both levels of the members area will be available to those that sign up for them. Both videos are below:

If you have any particular topics you would like to learn about, please contact me by filling in all the fields in the form below, and I will choose the hottest topics for each webinar. Be sure to share this on FACEBOOK.

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