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Learn How To Sew On A Button


Whether you are a girl, boy, man or woman, learning some handy quick fixes that help you to go about your day is very useful. We all will be planning for something and have that favorite shirt that we are all set to wear when we discover a button has either come off or is about to.

If only we knew how to sew on a button quickly, we could go on our way in the shirt we want to wear.

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Because this is something that happens to most of us from time to time and repairing the situation is not at all difficult, it is a task we should all master. You should prepare for this by having a sewing kit and extra buttons available.

If the button is common it will be easily available. If you have a shirt with an unusual color or design on the button, then make sure to order those to have them on hand when you need them.

In a pinch, it may be enough to just pick a color that is as close to the others as you have. Either way, having a basic kit and extra buttons is the first step.

Once you have the button you are going to use, the next step will be to pick a color thread that is suitable for both the button itself and the garment you will be wearing.

Most buttons will have either four holes or only two. Take the thread and put it through the hole at the top of the needle.

You will then want to tie a not around the head of the needle so that the thread is secure to the needle. Find the place where the button had previously been sewn on and that will be where you will sew on the new button.

You will want to either go by eye or use a ruler to help, but you will need to position the button so that it is at equal distance as the other buttons are. You will also want to make sure that the new button is parallel to the other buttons if it is to look nice.

You will start to sew by placing the point of the needle at the back side of the shirt or garment and puncture it pushing the needle through the clothing and the first hole in the button.

You will then take the needle from the front of the clothing and position it in the next hole with the point of the needle going first and again puncturing through the garment, but this time from the front.

You should now have a loop in two holes. If this is a two hole button then you will again repeat the process as you just did. If this is a four hole button then you will put the sharp point of the needle from the backside of the garment and push it through the front and through the next hole.

Then do just as you did last time from the front only going through the fourth hole. Repeat this process a few times until the button is secure. Then finish with the needle in the backside.

Cut the thread lose from the needle and tie a good knot to secure the button and that is it. You now know how to sew on a button.


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