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Looking For The Best Handheld Sewing Machine?


Handheld and portable sewing machines have become increasingly essential tools at home more so for busy moms who rarely find the time to mend up garments at home.

Looking For The Best Hand Sewing Machine?

Particularly designed for sewing applications on the go, these products are fast becoming the new trend and for good reason.

There are a plethora of benefits pinned to owning a hand sewing machine ranging from sheer flexibility to affordability. Also, the fact that no electricity is required to run these machines certainly adds up as a plus making them ideal for simple projects even in remote areas.

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Without any further ado, let’s have a look at some of the most popular models currently on the market to help you pinpoint the best for your needs.

Hand Sewing Machines Reviews

Singer Stitch Sew Quick – Singer has been at the forefront of sewing technology for quite a while now, and the stitch sew quick just goes on to stamp their authority in the dynamic industry. 

Retailing at just under $20 bucks, the product is quite affordable and features three needles, four bobbins run by simplistic AA batteries. You also have the option of purchasing an optional AC adapter if electricity suits you better.

Despite its user-friendly nature, the product is quite difficult to thread thus serving as its biggest con according to a number of reviews.

In essence, the holes are somewhat tiny even to those with impeccable vision. This combined with the long threading rope course will likely strain your eye while trying to see the thread through the needle’s eye.

Michley Lil’ Sew & Sew

Retailing in the $15-$20 range depending on where you shop, this product has become quite a popular feature among many sewing enthusiasts mainly due to its portability. 

The product actually weighs less than a pound, and run using 4 AA batteries making it ideal for backpacking. If your batteries run out though, you can simply plug it into a power source to continue with your sewing applications.

However, its size and abilities enable it to solidify a place as one of the best hand sewing machines currently. Even though the Lil’ sew & sew offers great value for your money, it certainly has its downsides.

For starters, it doesn’t work well on heavy fabrics such as denim. You also have to read the manual a couple of times to get things going owed to the sheer fact that it is surprisingly difficult to read.

Other than that though, you have a great workhorse for everyday sewing in this product.

Sunbeam Handheld Sewing Machine

You can be guaranteed of great portability with this machine, thanks to its small design that allows it to easily fit in a purse. It is more or less similar to the former product above by Singer, though with more subtle features and power.

In essence, the product by Sunbeam doesn’t work particularly well at sewing bottom-weight fabrics. It is at its best when fed thin fabrics and not great at handling large projects or bulk.

It is therefore a traveler’s companion and not the perfect bet if you seek an everyday sewing workhorse at home.

Magicfly Portable Sewing Machine

Its catchy name is not the only positive thing about it if its immense power is anything to go by. In essence, this portable hand sewing machine comes with outstanding power similar to that of your standard-sized sewing machine. 

Not only that, it features extra needles and bobbins, and powered using a popular battery-run/AC adapter at no extra cost whatsoever. Its only downside is the fact that it’s made from plastic and not metal as is the case with other products in its category.


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