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Making Doll Clothes For Your Sewing Business


A fun idea to make money with your sewing efforts is to make doll clothes. Little girls love getting beautiful clothes for their dollies. There is no limit to the different styles and themes you can come up with when deciding what to make.

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So many little ones will love your work and their parents will love you for making their young ones happy. This will also make you feel great to be able to give such joy to others.

doll clothes for your sewing business

You will never run out of good ideas because of the staggering amount of styles and patterns that are available. A quick search online will provide you with plenty of sites.

Be sure that you don't just look at and use the typical styles as there are so many varying styles that you can use, allowing you to learn and grow. Even though you may not like a particular style, you might be surprised to find that those could be your top sellers.

Keep an open mind and look for what's trending at the moment. You will need to be sure that your clothing is of the highest quality.

When you are starting out especially, you will need to grow your customer base and having only the highest quality will assure that your business grows. People won't always tell you when they aren't satisfied, instead they will simply stop buying from you.

You will also lose their recommendation. Always put the utmost time and effort into each of your productions.

When sewing doll clothes, the smaller details are what sets them apart. Don't just go for the cheapest thing you can sell. Always make sure it's good quality and people will buy.

Most doll clothes start with a good pattern. Although it's possible for you to create your own, it can be much easier when you are starting out just to buy the patterns.

You don't want to try using full-size patterns and then trimming them down to doll size as that can be very difficult and almost impossible.


You want to be sure that you invest in a sewing machine that is good. A computerized sewing machine that has hundreds of stitches is great for adding all those small details that will make your clothes stand out from the rest.

We recommend the Singer Quantum Stylist 9960. You also want to be sure you have all the sewing tools to do the job.

Be sure that you get everything within easy reach. This way you don't need to stop to go looking for an item you need.

The Right Location

You want to be sure that you are in a space that allows you to work without interruption and so that you can concentrate. You want to put all of your attention on the task at hand.

Having lots of interruptions will reflect in the clothing you make.


The great thing about doll clothing is that you can use almost any type of material. You can even use fabric remnants from other projects if the doll size is right.

You could also use older clothing items, linens and even, curtains. You could also pick up remnants for a good price from a manufacturer if you ask.

You need to be aware too of the ability to work with different fabrics. Regular denim can be difficult to work with but they do sell a light weight denim.

Try to figure out which fabrics will work best with most of your projects and find the best prices.


If you are making clothes for a younger child's doll, you might want to consider Velcro products. If you use buttons and snaps, you will have to find smaller sizes so it looks right.

You also want to be sure that the buttons or any small objects that you attach to the clothing is firmly attached. A young child could choke on any small parts that may come off the clothing.

The Finishing Touches

It's the little things that can make the biggest impact. But adding different color trim or different material for the trim can change the entire look and make it look like a different outfit.

You can add lace, ribbons, bows, fancy buttons or sequins to make your clothing unique. Be sure to ask your customer about any special items or finishing touches they might want.

Each child is different and some may like bows while another may want sequins. Don't forget to ask about the personality of the child who will be getting the clothes for their dolly to give the clothes you make that personal touch.

Now all you need to do is to tap into your creativity and make something unique yet beautiful. Making doll clothes to sell for you sewing business is a great opportunity to reach more people and to show off your unique creativity.


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