March 13

Sewing Business Ideas To Help Get You Started


As more people buy from retail outlets and stores, the skill of being able to sew outfits and to repair clothing is quickly becoming a lost art. If you are able to sew your own clothing and repair clothes, a home-bases sewing business might be the perfect opportunity for you to create beautiful clothing items for others.

Woman seamstress at the sewing machine. Sewing Accessories.

Owning a sewing machine is necessary for you to get started and there are many wholesale supply stores both online and off that you can get your sewing supplies from. We have put together a few services that you could offer if you wanted to start your own sewing business.

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Plus Size Wedding Dresses

It can be difficult and very expensive for a bride-to-be to find the perfect wedding dress. It is even harder to find one is plus sizes.

Besides the typical white wedding gown, many brides are wearing more colorful dresses. You could expand your services to include bridesmaid dresses for plus-sized women as well.

Baby Sleepwear and Baby Bibs

If you know how to sew baby clothes, you can use your skills to make high quality, yet affordable baby clothes. Most baby clothing fabrics consist of cotton and linen as these are very comfortable and gentle on a baby's skin.

Give Sewing Lessons In Your Area

If you love teaching others, you can give lessons to those in your area. You can have different levels of expertise and teach beginners to mend holes and replace buttons and for the more advanced, teach them how to make entire garments.

Make Doll Clothes

You can also design and sew clothes for baby dolls or Barbie dolls. A girl can never have too many outfits for her dolls and the more unique the better.

How To Get Started

There are many resources available to help you to get started. You will need to choose a name and you will need a tax identification number.

You will need to see what the rules are in your particular state as well as the cost for getting a business license.

After you get your business set up, now comes the work of sharing your services to the public and getting customers. Here are some tips to help you get started. Creating a website that have all your products for sale can really help to get your business up and running.

You can get testimonials from friends and family that you have made items for. Having others vouch for your work can really help to sell your services. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to get more business.

You can put flyers up on message boards as well. You can network with other community businesses during events that your local Chamber of Commerce puts together.

Check out Etsy and eBay as a lucrative way to sell your products on an online marketplace. You could also go to craft shows in your area.

If you have your own website or sell on another online platform, be sure that you get business cards created and pass them out when you attend craft shows and other events.

Now that you have decided that you want to go into business for yourself using your skills, there are some benefits that can enjoy when you choose to be your own boss. And being your own boss is one of the greatest benefits.

This can mean more time for family events and milestones that you may be missing out on by going to a 9 to 5 job, day in and day out. You can work from your home which can keep down the costs of traveling.

You can use local coupons to save money and to add to your inventory and supplies.

You can market your wares in a way that aligns with your values and personality. You could even mentor others who might want to get started in this business, as well.

By following these ideas, you can be on your way to starting your own lucrative home-based business. Many people are using the internet to start their own business and to make a life that they love.

Check out this video of two mothers who walked away from their corporate jobs and used their sewing skills as a way to start a new business:


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