March 8

Sewing Quickly Yet Safely


As much as we love to sew, many of us (if not most) are in a hurry right? And typically we will want our work done yesterday. Because of that we get in a hurry.

However, there are many pointy and sharp objects that could be quite dangerous if you don't know what you are doing. To help you steer clear of danger and accidents, we have put together some sewing safety tips to keep you out of harm's way.

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And below is a great video on how to speed up sewing various seams without adding any risk to your body parts.

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Don't Put Things In Your Mouth

Colorful threads for needlework in wooden box isolated on white

You have seen it before. A designer creating a piece with fire in her eyes, frantically working to finish her masterpiece.

With measuring tape in her hands and four or five straight pins in her mouth, getting a piece ready to sew. However, you should not follow this example.

You may think that you would NEVER accidentally swallow a straight pin, but that's why it's called an accident.

You never would do it intentionally. But anything can happen. You could sneeze or even fall and it wouldn't be good while having those in your mouth.

That's what pin cushions are for. There are pin cushions that go around your wrist which is a much safer alternative.

Be Careful With Scissors

When cutting fabric, scissors must be razor sharp. However, the sharper they are, the more dangerous they become. When you are using your scissors for the moment and you need to set them down, be sure that they are closed.

You should also make sure they can't accidentally get knocked to the floor. This could be very dangerous, especially if you have a pet or young children around.

You also want to make sure that when you go to pick them back up that you pick them up by the right end.

Another common thing that we do is to put the scissors in our lap when we will need them again in a minute or two. This could result in a very painful stab to your leg or thigh.

And always, always, always pass the scissors to someone else with the handle to them. It may seem like common sense but we can become easily distracted which can cause an accident.

Avoid Distractions

Sometimes, when there is something bothering us, we may seek to turn our attention away from the problem. Sewing can be a great way to take your mind off of other things, however, be sure that you focus your attention on the task at hand.

Too many distractions can cause you to not pay close enough attention which could result in a mishap. Besides the danger of hurting yourself, there are other mishaps that can happen.

By not focusing on what you are doing, you could end up with messy stitches, cuts that are crooked or a project that just looks bad. It's okay to sew when you are stressed.

Just be sure that you work on easier tasks until you can focus better on what you are doing. This will make you feel much better overall and you won't get discouraged because your project didn't work out.

Kids And Sewing Supplies

Many young mothers take to sewing for a variety of reasons. Maybe they are trying to save money and make their own clothes or maybe they just enjoy it.

Very often, they have to bring the children into the room they are sewing in, so be sure to make the room as childproof as possible.

Keep all dangerous supplies and tools, such as scissors, needles and pins out of reach. You also need to be very careful about dropping pins, buttons and needles on the floor.

Even when you are alone in the room, you must be careful about dropping things. Children are quite amazing at finding even the tiniest things on the floor and this could become a choking hazard.

Make sure you keep your sewing box tightly closed and never leave things laying around. Even something as simple as a measuring tape could get quickly tangled around a child's neck or arm. Don't take chances and keep everything out of reach.

Sometimes, we may be in a hurry or we get a phone call and may forget to put something away. Always check your room for hidden dangers and keep your floor swept.

If you drop or a button or a pin under a table or piece of furniture, it's best to move the furniture to find it. This way, there is no chance that your child will find it instead.

Remember, safety first and always take the time to clean up after yourself. Before you let the kids in, always check the room. When you are done using your tools and supplies, always put them away in the right place.

If you hurriedly throw your scissors into a draw, when you go to grab them back out, you could end up with a serious cut or stab wound. It only takes a few minutes to clean up and to put your supplies away.

By following these tips, you can be assured that you and your loved ones will stay safe and you will have a finished product that you will be happy with. There is a great method in sewing quickly, yet safely. To check this out see the video below:



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