July 4

Is Hand Sewing Simply A Pastime


People with hand sewing skills were highly sought after long before the introduction of tabletop and handheld sewing machines.

Anyone who possesses those skills in this day and age are still greatly appreciated and in demand in certain circles. Being able to mend garments by hand without leaving any evidence that there was a cut or tear can be considered an art because even though the concept seems so simple, achieving the end result can be a little tricky.

Womens handsThink back on scenes in some of the old movies or even reaching back into the wonderful memories of your own life growing up, when you or someone else carried your torn britches, button-less shirt or oversized dress to someone in your home or to grandma’s house to have it repaired. Most of the time we would ask for these repairs without a second thought or we would simply repair them ourselves. During those times in our lives these skills were taught to both boys and girls as children because it did not seem logical to just throw perfectly good garments in the trash or unnecessarily spend money on something so simple. Have we as a society gotten a little bit wasteful and a tad bit lazy and spoiled because of technology?

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Today we hear a great deal about people taking classes to become great designers and hiring crews to man their sewing machines and design tables to pump out mass quantities of one particular design. Those designs are then added to a collection of other mass quantities of particular designs. The end results are that many people, sometimes hundreds of thousands, may be wearing the exact same pant sets, dresses, hats and even purses that someone else has purchased. It is quite amazing how we don’t accidentally run into other people that are dressed exactly like us on a daily basis.

People get excited about finding unique things that they can be 100% sure no one else has. If you can provide that by hand sewing unique table cloths for the holidays, one-of-a-kind prom dresses or even a set of those really cool hobo patch bags, you may eventually do quite well financially selling your crafts at flea markets, county fairs and even to friends, family members and other people that are looking for unique items.

Yes, sewing machines can be used to complete projects much faster, but you’d lose the advantage of your creative expression being captured on a more detailed level that can only be had when you sew by hand.

Learning how to sew can open up many doors for people who enjoy creating masterpieces with their hands. The skill is used worldwide and there are obviously millions of people who are not only able, but are more than willing to share some of their brilliant ideas and creative techniques with aspiring sewers. If you are someone with a creative artistic imagination you will quickly discover how enjoyable and relaxing it can be either as a profession or hobby.


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