July 4

Hand Sewing Leather Patches On Jeans


Adding personality to a favorite pair of jeans by sewing leather patches on them in the shapes of letters, animals and other cool designs has been and still is an interesting way to outwardly express a creative mind.

The designs that are available are limitless. Anyone interested in doing this can easily find thousands of different patterns and interesting ideas online by visiting a number of forums, social groups or websites that specifically cater to creative sewers.

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Before we move forward, there are a few very important things about sewing leather and the items that you will need to attach it to your jeans.

Though such a project does not seem like it would be extremely dangerous, there is a bit of safety precaution that must be taken to avoid any small mishaps that can turn into big problems.

leather patch

1. There are times when a project such as this will only require the use of dull stitching needles which can do damage to your fingers or other parts of your body if enough force is exerted. In a case such as this there is less of a concern for injury as long as you pay close attention and focus on what you are doing.

On the other hand, no pun intended, careless use of sharp needles can result in a number of physical injuries ranging from irritating finger pricks to infections if the needles are dirty.

2. Safety concerns about using scissors to cut threads and materials for your project is self-explanatory. Cutting, stabbing yourself or losing a finger would very quickly zap the joy out of your project. Need we say any more about this?

Moving forward, we will now look at the items you will need for adding leather patches on to your jean pants, skirt or jacket.

1. Choosing the right thickness and flexibility of your leather is very important because it will need to be bendable, twist-able and even scrunch-able throughout the life of your garment. Another thing to consider about the thickness and rigidity of your leather is how difficult will it be for you to poke and pull a needle through it.

2. The thread that you use must be much more durable and longer lasting than the thread that is commonly used around the household for repairing holes in socks and such. If you are at all able to visit a hobby store or leather outlet to purchase the proper materials for your awesome project, that is highly recommended.

3. Leather needles come in a variety of sizes so that you are able to choose one or more that is easy to handle. They also come in different lengths and shapes for the use in completing specific projects.

Though it is possible to use some of the needles that are designed for more standard materials such as cotton and polyester, it would be a little wiser to use a set of needles that are designed for leather projects. Have fun expressing yourself and for goodness sake, please be safe.


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